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WELCOME! The Peak to Peak Miata Club has members all along the Front Range of Colorado.  We host one day and longer drives, social gatherings, and occasional technical events.  If you aren't currently a member, you are welcome to join us at any of our events.

Club Notices

New! Peak to Peak Miata Ball Caps

  • Free for leading a drive in 2023!

  • Available in black or tan

  • Get yours at a drive or event for $22.00, or Contact Us to have one shipped.

2023 Events:

Learn More:

  • This website is your best resource for finding Events and Contacting the club. 

  • Our Facebook page is great for event questions/comments and late breaking news. 

  • The P2P Group is an email forum suitable for technical and buy/sell postings (free, but signup required).


Club Membership:

  • Not a member, what are you waiting for? 

  • It's fun drives, cars, social events, and fun people for $30/year per household. 

  • Click JOIN to join or renew your membership. 

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