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Easy Drive Ideas

Easy drives require little or no planning, and no RSVP. Just fill out a Drive Plan with a description that explains the drive, when and where to meet, and any costs. We will add it to the Event calendar.

When the day comes, please show up prepared to lead the drive. There is a post covering Drive Planning or submit a Contact Us form for help.

To get your juices flowing, here are some ideas that have been offered by members:

  • Any twisty drive in the mountains!

  • Visit a Winery or Brewery along the Front Range.

  • Drive to Rocky Mountain National Park. There are any number of destinations.

  • Drive to Estes Park and enjoy the Elk Fest held in September.

  • Trip to the Air Force Academy the back way and then tour the academy

  • Shambhala Center north of Fort Collins

  • Enjoy a drive and see Wild Flowers throughout the mountains in July or August

  • Poudre Route 14 Scenic Byway up to Walden and North Park stopping at the CO State Forest.

  • Barr Lake in spring or fall to see the eagles

  • Drive to one of Jefferson County Open Space Parks, picnic, hike or just enjoy the scenery.

  • Garden of the Gods (Probably best during the middle of the week, spring or fall)

  • Pikes Peak

Please respond with your own ideas. We'll add them to this post. Or better yet, PLAN A DRIVE!

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