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Meet the Board Members

Lisa Barbato – President

I purchased my first Miata, a 1990 Stock NA, in September of 1999 and soon after joined the Peak to Peak Miata Club.  Unfortunately, some unforeseen events occurred, and I left the club in 2003 and sold the car shortly thereafter.

My father passed away the end of November in 2021 and my mother then came to live with me.  In December of 2022 I decided that my mom and I needed a Miata, so I started my search. In January of 2023 I found my “Gray Beauty”, 2021 Grand Touring Miata with only 8200 miles!  I rejoined the Peak to Peak Miata Club in February 2023.  My mom loves going on drives and enjoys all the people she gets to meet.

I’m very excited to have been elected as the Peak to Peak Miata Club President and look forward to continuing the mission of our club:

  • Have fun and enjoy everything our little sports car has to offer

  • Build relationships and support each other

  • Be open and welcoming to any Miata (MX5) enthusiast

Paul Medlicott – Vice President

I’ve been a car guy gearhead from a very young age and have spent 50+ years in the automotive & motorcycle industry. 

In 2006 I remember seeing a line of Miatas near Estes Park and thinking they must be part of a local club, looks like fun. So shortly after that encounter I found a great deal on a low mileage 1996 Classic Red NA and joined Peak to Peak.  I made a few modifications and enjoyed killing cones while autocrossing for a few years before deciding I needed a little more power and comfort.

Sold the NA after finding a great 2008 Copper Red Mica GT with only 4,000 miles, made the jump, loving everything about it. Pretty much have it fixed up the way I want, but there’s always some little thing that catches my eye.


I’ve participated in and led many memorable drives and trips over the years from South Dakota to New Mexico. I enjoy all the people and friends made over the years, sharing our common love for the great Miata world.

Rick Robinson – Secretary/Treasurer/Membership

I'm Rick Robinson, the club's secretary/treasurer. My wife Kathie and I have been members almost from the day I bought our well-used blue 1999 Anniversary Edition Miata, around 2007. Another member, Skip Cannon, saw us at a coffee spot, and told us about the club. We've enjoyed so many outings over the years, so after I retired as a CPA/internal auditor in 2020, I volunteered to serve the club in this position. We help lead a 'full moon' drive to Rocky Mountain National Park each fall, and are looking forward to other club drives this coming year, too.


Here's a photo of our Miata and me, by the Dumont weigh station on I-70. Do I look like I'm crying? I wanted to, but I'm really talking to our longtime mechanic friends at Coyote Motors, after our car died on the way back from a Guanella Pass club drive. (Alternator failure, after my too-intensive engine-bay wash the day before.) Now with a new alternator, we're approaching 130,000 miles, about half of those on our watch. Wonderful car, great club!

Gloria Grenier –
Events Coordinator

I purchased my first Miata, a 2019 ND, in May 2021 after receiving an unexpected inheritance.  I’ve wanted a little convertible sports car since I first got my license.  No, I will not say how many years ago that was.

As I researched what to buy, I found this club.  I submitted questions via the Contact Us button and received a reply within a day.  I’m very thankful for the assistance I received as it validated that the Miata was the car for me!

I’m looking forward to participating in more rides this year.

Craig Korn – Historian

Sometime in 1998, I decided I needed a Miata. And a yellow one at that. So I started searching, and eventually was told that Skip was the all-knowing master of yellow Miatae. So I went to a Peak to Peak event at his house, looked at all the cars and was sold on finding a yellow one.

After searching everywhere, I finally found one with 24k miles in Garden City, Kansas. 8 hours later, I owned it and still have it, along with a blue one and an orange one. I basically joined the club before ever even having a Miata, and now you can’t get rid of me!!

Andy Cochran - PXL_20230708_180346274.jpg

Andy Cochran – Webmaster

When I saw the first published photos of an ND Miata, I knew that was the one for me.  Now I own a 2016 Club model in Soul Red.  My wife Renee and I discovered the Peak to Peak club on Facebook.  We joined on the 2019 Mt. Evans Drive, still one of our favorites, and have been club members ever since.

I have always enjoyed driving, and a Miata is the perfect vehicle to explore with.  My favorite things about it: Light weight, top down, compliant ride, and manual transmission—a recipe for fun. 

To the uninitiated, a Miata may not seem to measure up against cars with big power, tires, and tech (and big curb weight).  But when I put the top down, and I feel the road on a mountain bend, I immediately remember why I fell in love with it in the first place.

I hope to see you on some drives this year!  Let me know if you have any ideas for a drive you’d like to host (

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