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Drive Planning

Updated: Apr 24

Drives vary based on drive length, locations, RSVP or not, meals, accommodations, entry fees, etc. This post will cover the important, but manageable steps to successfully lead a drive.

Remember: Many of our members rely on mailed postcards for event reminders. That takes about 4 weeks lead time. Without those postcards, you'll probably have a smaller turnout.

1 Day Drives

No RSVP: These drives require minimal planning, and can be proposed on very short notice. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Decide where you want to go and when.

  • Check the club calendar for any conflicts.

  • If you are not very familiar with the drive, do a dry run to assess time, distance, traffic, stopping spots, etc. Be sure to plan for rest stops and locations to re-group cars.

  • Submit the Drive Form on the Drives page. If you're not sure of an entry, just leave it blank.

  • Someone from the club will contact you to assist in getting your drive on the Events calendar.

RSVP Required: If you are stopping for a meal, or visiting an attraction, you'll need to do a bit more planning. In addition to the steps above, you need to:

  • Contact venues well ahead of schedule with an estimate of attendees. Most drives average 10-20 cars and 15-30 people. Be sure to check on group seating and parking.

  • On the Drive Plan, request an RSVP from members.

  • Several days or a week before the drive, re-confirm with the venues (and maybe members).

  • Be prepared for last minute changes! Relax, it will all work out.

Mutli-Day Drives

The club enjoys longer drives! We've done drives to Yellowstone, the Four Corners, the Sand Dunes, the Western Slope, and more. People have plans, so these drives should get on the Event calendar as early as possible.

Multi-day drives entail a lot of logistics - complex routes, hotels, meals, attractions, and entertainment. It helps to have an experienced co-sponsor to give advice, assist with reservations, member contacts, etc. We have several "mentors" that can help. Send a Contact Us request and we'll be in touch.

Finally, for All Drives

  • Arrive early and be prepared to conduct the driver's meeting on-time.

  • Bring a printed copy of the waiver form

  • Prepare a route map(!), and other handouts as needed.

  • Zero trip odometers to help follow the route map.

  • Drive at a safe and reasonable speed. Do not impede other traffic

  • Be courteous. Leave the route and destination as you found it.

  • You're sharing one of your favorite drives. Remember to enjoy it! Your enthusiasm is infectious and will help everyone to have a good time as well.


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